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The world is ticking digitally. Paper and pencil are a thing of the past.  Survival of the fittest gives way to a survival of the most digital.  But how digitally fit are you?

Trust us! One of the leading software suppliers and service providers for the construction industry. With our proven standard solutions, we can join forces with you to provide a bridge into the digital age and prepare you for the future. With a service that really gets results.

For more productivity, more sales and keeping you competitive.

With us you will find the ideal way to the digital shore. And at any time you can decide how fast and how far you want to go with us. With our modular standard we have the right offer for everyone.

Perhaps you are already using other solutions to digitize specific business processes. No problem for our flexibly configurable standard. It is highly integrative with other systems.

Future-oriented. Dedicated to helping. For the love building. With a lot of understanding for customers and processes. That’s what we stand for.

Optimally adapted
to dynamic developments

The polar fox is perfect for life in the Arctic – its dense, white fur with its insulating undercoat and hairy paws give it maximum protection from temperatures down to -70 degrees. Climate change or just lack of food? Either way, it’s no problem for it because of its extreme adaptability. It even refrains from reproducing at times when the external conditions in the Arctic are poor.  But what does the polar fox have to do with us?

Create more value

Every company is a living, social system for us. As such, it has to create something of real value for the environment. And it has to be as adaptable as the arctic fox.  Just like a seismograph, we respond sensitively to even the slightest developments in our environment. Not only do we notice these but we interpret them purposefully, in order to create a clear “added value” for our customers. Adaptability as an important pillar of a future-oriented, innovative company. But not the only one.

for your sustainability

Culture, as the “character” of a social system, also determines the future viability of a company. Our culture is a culture of innovation. Shaped by participation, appreciation, common purpose and identification. Supported by networked, open, IT-supported communication. Including beyond company boundaries.

Our top priority: The integration of all employees, partners and customers in our continuous innovation process.

15 years of edr software.

Successful because of our passion.

To display complex processes in easy-to-use software is a creative challenge that we have successfully met for our customers since 2002.

Wolfgang Schmid

edr software GmbH, CEO

With the help of the docma MM-software we receive a digital "damage file" of each building and so can offer our customers an optimal all-round service.

JaKo Baudenkmalpflege GmbH

With the development of docma Share we offer our customers a very flexible possibility to network different systems. One application I implemented is the automatic storage of letters from docma MM to DocuWare.

Stephan Neumann

edr software GmbH, Software Developer

Construction site photos, activities or special incidents can be researched in the shortest possible time with the help of docma PIX and docma REPORT.

Staatliches Bauamt Augsburg

Due to the short communication channels, a simple exchange between all colleagues is possible without any problems. For example, I can talk directly to colleagues in development to look at a complex topic from different angles and get valuable input for problem solving.

Daniel Schinagl

edr software GmbH, Senior Consultant

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