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Do you know the thread game? It’s also known as Fingertwist or Cat’s Cradle. It’s a world-renowned, classic game about working together to develop specific formations. The skill required is creative cooperation! Without thinking competitively. It follows the principle: the more hands there are, the more complex the figures created become.

Exactly the same happens when we work with our partners. The aim is to come up with new ideas collectively, with a common goal of helping to shape the digital transformation of companies in the best possible way – with forward-looking technology and know-how. It’s not a zero-sum game, because everyone wins: our cooperation agreements result in new impulses, market access, networks, expanded business models and an even broader range of services.

We understand digitalisation to be in the nature of a holistic approach. To see who we join forces with and work in synergy with to optimise your digital business processes, click here.

Our Solid Partners

Competitive Advantage with a Document Management System

DocuWare is one of the leading international providers of document management software. The company (founded in 1988) operates worldwide from Germering / Munich, New Windsor / New York and Wallingford / Connecticut and has subsidiaries in United Kingdom, Spain and France.

DocuWare solutions are available in over 70 countries and in 16 languages. The number of installations exceeds 16,000 – well over 175,000 users work with DocuWare daily. Whether through the cloud or as an on-premise solution, DocuWare offers all the elements required for an efficient Enterprise Content Management system.

The softtware is vcategorized by the highest degree of security, maximum scalability ,flexible integration and the use of futureproof technologies.

We have been DocuWare Gold Partner since 2014

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About our document management

Deeply anchored in the digital construction industry

The promosie team combines construction management with digitalisation and follows the guiding philosophy: One step ahead. It conducts online training on behalf of edr software – customers are trained in the use of our module for mydocma MM Defects Management. Qualified trainers have been familiar with our software for many years. They come from the fields of civil and industrial engineering, business education, civil engineering and business informatics.

Architectural offices, property management companies and facility managers are among the clients of our company, which is based in Riedbach and Kassel. It carries out a total of more than 1,000 construction software training courses every year. These teach technical basics or go into more depth on relevant topics in the industry.

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A competent partner for everything IT and beyond

Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Baumgärtner laid the foundations for Dr. Baumgärtner GmbH back in his student days. In 1988, he started trading in hardware and software within the framework of a GbR and offered related services. in 2007, he transferred the business to the newly founded GmbH, which today includes a team of system administrators, developers and project managers.

The service portfolio is aimed at medium-sized companies and includes support for the entire IT infrastructure, the manufacturer-independent acquisition of hardware and software and advice on all information technology issues – from workstations to backups to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As a substitute, experts from the company support edr software at regular intervals with internal IT support tasks, computer installations and server administration.

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Concentrated know-how for the construction industry

For more than 20 years, stakeholders from the planning and construction industry have benefited from BVM’s practice-proven training and advisory services, as well as its out-of-court dispute resolution process. World-class speakers train and advise on topics, such as VOB (Regulations on the Award of Contracts and Contracts for Construction Work), BGB (Civil Code) construction contract law, supplements, disruptions to the construction process, acceptance and defects.

Due to the extremely complex nature of planning and construction projects, there is considerable scope for conflicts to arise. As the managing director of BVM and a commercial judge at Regional Court I, Rosina Sperling is regularly confronted with construction disputes, in which the parties fail to reach a satisfactory outcome due to a lack of documentation and a fundamental basis for the claims made.

Most of the litigation revolves around questions of remuneration and fees for planning and construction services. These are countered by the opposing contractual side on the basis of claims arising from disruptions to the construction process or from defects.

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The comprehensive ongoing training programme of Bauvertragsmanagement GmbH aims to equip construction stakeholders themselves with the knowledge of construction contract law and construction project management they need. This is so that they can resolve conflicts independently and out-of-court, using various documentation tools. After all, past case law places maximum demands on the way claims are presented, especially when it comes to disruptions to the construction process or to rights based on defects.

Edr software and BVM maintain an intensive professional exchange and have the same aim: to supply companies in the construction sector with valuable tools they can use to save time, money and resources and improve project cooperation through greater transparency. All seminar content has a range of links to our digital construction software solutions. This is because the best possible documentation of construction processes, defects and quality inspections is the be-all and end-all of any legally sound use of construction contract law and the VOB/B. With BVM’s input in terms of construction law and construction management and using our modules, e.g. for the construction diary, defects management or image management, the contracting parties are in a position to clearly assign responsibilities and to provide watertight evidence of effects on construction time and finances.

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Telephone system to go

UNICOPE has been active in the telecommunications industry for over 30 years and has dedicated itself to business VoIP telephony in recent years. 40 employees in Austria, Germany & Switzerland work on independently developing the cloud telephony customers of the “mobile fixed network”. The team provides comprehensive support to customers, from an initial personal meeting, through set-up to support during actual operation.

As the name suggests, using the “mobile fixed network”, a fixed network number can be patched through to both a mobile phone and a laptop – which provides the essentials for digitalisation and mobile working. In addition to the mobile app, there is also a softphone client that enables voice calling from a PC. And fax machines, door openers and alarm systems can also be integrated into the system. With numerous CRM and database interfaces, as well as the possibility of complete customisation and programming of your own integrations, business communication is raised to a new level.

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Warranty & Smart Home on the silver tablet

iHaus AG is one of the pioneers in the digital real estate industry and has developed a software solution for controlling and linking all Internet-enabled devices. It sees itself as a system integrator for Smart Home and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The roots of the company lie in Claus Heinemann Elektroanlagen GmbH, which constitutes the basis for the development of iHaus, with over twenty years of experience in the field of building control and network technology. With the smart home app of the same name, this software solutions specialist offers a platform that can be used to control network-enabled devices in-house and networked with each other without being affected by the manufacturer.

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iHaus also provides interfaces for neighbourhood management, electromobility and energy management to meet the future requirements of digital real estate. It is an open, integrative and future-proof application, which is based on requirements and digital possibilities relating to new builds and renovation of housing estates, multi-family houses, serviced apartments and hotels.

Thanks to cooperation between edr software and iHaus, property developers kill two birds with one stone: With the aid of a vendor- and system-independent platform, they can handle complaints with little effort and can provide their customers with the best possible service.

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