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Expertise and digitization go hand in hand

Christian Lautner is a court and private expert and he founded the expert office of the same name in 2011.

This legally sworn and certified expert works as a university lecturer and speaker and offers his clients a wide range of services: Preservation of evidence, expert reports, masonry analyses, moisture measurements, quality controls for thermal composite systems and for interior and exterior plasters are just as much a part of his portfolio as assessment of structural damage and development of fire protection schemes for composite thermal insulation systems.

Lautner’s expertise is in demand in many associations: He is a member of the Austrian Standard Institute, a board member of the Austrian Working Community for plaster (ÖAP) and a delegate of the Güteschutzgemeinschaft WDVS (thermal insulation composite system) specialist company.

Since 2018, the bureau has been using a version of docma MM, which is a specially configured for the needs of an expert and optimizes all internal processes digitally – from the assessment protocol to the client’s approval.

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