We provide the right screws

Evolution makes it happen. In competition, whoever is best adapted to their environment, survives. What applies in nature also applies to technology. We are certainly convinced of that.

That’s why we focus on solutions that will become standard in your business. And at the same time, they are so flexible that every project can be individually configured in terms of time and cost efficiency and in accordance with your requirements.

For you, costly, time-consuming new software development work can now be a thing of the past. Our standard solutions offer the highest level of reliability and adaptability due to their pragmatic and variable configuration capacity.

Customized for your business. Straightforward and fast. With no significant risk.

You decide ...

… what you need.

Everything our solutions are capable of will be tailored to your needs. We put every screw in place, so that you end up with the best possible solution.

It’s up to you whether you want to handle the customization yourself after going through intensive training by us, or whether you want to focus completely on your core tasks and leave us, as the configuration expert, to adapt your software for you.

We’ll share

… our knowledge with you.

Admin training sessions will show you how to configure our solutions for your benefit. From a rough overview down to the smallest detail, e.g. with the variable software configuration of templates or our sophisticated role and rights system. We’ll get you fit.

We take charge of ...

… optimal configuration for you.

Do you not have the resources at the moment to configure your own solution?

No problem. We will be happy to take on the job for you! Import old data (migration), adapt font templates? No matter what you need us to do, just talk to us. Trust us. We know our solutions inside out and can come up with the best possible configuration for you, based on our experience and procedures.

Looking for software configuration work?
Contact us. We're looking forward to hearing from you.