Document more efficiently
with a modern interface. For a clearer overview.

The modern and clear interface of mydocma REPORT enables you to work efficiently. The collection of daily data is structured according to topics. Topics that you do not need (e.g. use of equipment) are just hidden from view. All data inputs can be displayed in data tables and become searchable immediately. Not only can you document faster, but you always find the relevant information as soon as you need it.

The Start-Up Screen
For an easy start to your project

1. Project Selection

The start screen shows you a list of your current projects as soon as you get started.

2. Project Overview

Information about the project selected is displayed. With one click you go into the desired project directly.

3. Calendar View

In Calendar View, every date is marked for which a report exists. Double-click on a date to jump directly to the report.

4. Schedule View

While you and your project team create daily construction reports, a planned-actual schedule is created in the background without any further action being needed. Events and malfunctions are displayed in red.

An interface for construction professionals
not IT professionals

You are the professional on the building site. And that’s a good thing! To make use of our construction documentation, you and your team do not need to be IT professionals.

When creating a new report, mydocma REPORT automatically suggests the next available date. On request, you can transfer data from either the previous day or from any other day.

Eingabe - Neuer Bericht

Carry out an analysis immediately
without being a data analyst

Nor do you have to be a specialist in data analysis to be able to create a quick analysis of the workforce on the project. mydocma REPORT’s simple graphical interface makes this possible.

More about analyses