Archive e-mails digitally
with Connect to Outlook. For more networking.

E-mails are indispensable in your daily work.  You must be able to access them constantly – no matter where you are. As business letters, e-mails are also subject to statutory retention periods and must be archived after this. With DocuWare, e-mails are just as stored and retrieved centrally in digital form in exactly the same way as all of your other documents. Connect to Outlook, the connection between MS Outlook and DocuWare, helps this process along.

Store and index
With the add-on module ‘Connect to Outlook’, DocuWare integrates seamlessly into your familiar Outlook work environment.

  1. Send and Store
  2. Index items simply
Send and Store

Using the “Send and Store” button, you can send and archive your e-mails in one operation.

Index items simply

After dispatch, a storage dialogue will give you projects and index terms. Or else you can leave everything to the Intelligent Indexing Service.