Find documents faster
by means of structured storage. To gain more time.

Only documents or e-mails that are stored in a structured manner can also be retrieved easily. In DocuWare, structured storage is ensured by simple indexing.  The complete digital document stock can be searched by means of a simple structured search mask according to different topics and filter criteria. It can help you find your most secure documents faster than ever before.

Fast research

  1. Search via index terms
  2. Full-text search
  3. Search via lists
Search via index terms

Indexed storage of your documents enables you to gain rapid access your documents – anytime, anywhere.

Full-text search

Even without index terms, you can find documents easily. The full-text search function also finds search terms in individual documents – no matter how well or badly they were scanned, for example.

Search via lists

You can also start a predefined search easily, using lists that can be customised very flexibly.

Find across applications
with SmartConnect

No matter which programme you work with on a routine basis. The Smart Connect plug-in ensures easy retrieval of your documents.

More about Smart Connect