Manage documents on the go
with DocuWare Mobile. For more independence.

Anytime, anywhere – DocuWare Mobile lives up to this claim completely. Easy to use, maximum ease of input – from correspondence to entire project data. All business-critical documents are available in one central document pool. This means that authorised employees can also access them worldwide by clicking on them and then perform workflow steps (e.g. the release of invoices) simply and easily on the go.

Efficient research. From anywhere
In DocuWare Mobile, you can use all proven functions, from research in the central document pool to storage of digital documents from any app.

  1. With lists straight to your destination
  2. Mobile full-text search
  3. Results List
  4. Mobile Viewer
With lists straight to your destination

For efficient retrieval, you have the same mobile lists as you get in the web client.

Mobile full-text search

Even when you’re on the go, you can use a simple search form to search for relevant documents.

Results List

Once you have entered your search word in the search mask, you will see documents with the corresponding details.

Mobile Viewer

The Mobile Viewer shows you the document you are looking for, from the web client, as usual.

Do time-critical tasks. While you’re on the move
Particularly with invoice workflows with tight payment deadlines, fast processing is critical. Only then can you claim a discount.

  1. Mobile Dashboard
  2. Mobile Viewer
  3. Stamp and then you’re done
Mobile Dashboard

You can see all of your tasks at a glance in the dashboard.

Mobile Viewer

The Mobile Viewer shows you the corresponding document to be released.

Stamp and then you’re done

Using the integrated stamp function, you can either mark tasks as completed or pass them on to colleagues.

Get the mobile app from DocuWare!

And keep a constant eye on all business-critical documents and tasks while you're on the move.

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