Work together optimally
with a platform for everyone. For more team spirit.

Thanks to optimal version management by DocuWare, you not only have all of your business processes under control, but you can also avoid chaos whenever people collaborate on documents. Selected documents can also easily be passed on to partners, customers or external service providers. With DocuWare, all employees have all of the documents constantly in view and can read, forward or change them – regardless of whether they are working in the office or on the move.

Perfect collaboration in the flow
by means of clear rules and responsibilities

With the DocuWare Workflow Manager, you can model your individual workflows quickly and without any programming effort.  This enables process times to be reduced from hours to minutes. Regardless of whether it’s project work, order processing or accounting.

More information about the Workflow Manager add-on module.

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Document Chaos is a thing of the past

Because of optimal version management

With DocuWare you can easily create and manage different versions of a single document. It doesn’t even matter how many versions of a document are created over time and how many co-workers work on it. Find out more in our tutorial.

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Using the digital documents folder

With DocuWare Request, you can create your digital document in a flash. Practical. System-independent. Intuitive.
Easy to share with partners, customers and external service providers. Find out more in our tutorial.

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