Assign images to a plan
Easy with pins. For more orientation.

mydocma PIX gives you the ability to link captured images and to assign these images to a plan/overview image. Graphically, pins help you with better orientation.

In addition, it is possible to provide images with helpful markings such as arrows, circles and texts.

View in mydocma PIX

Planzuordnung Ansicht in docma PIX
Ansicht Pins im Rahmen der Planzuordnung bei docma PIX

1. Assign images to a plan

You can easily drag and drop images into the plan.

2. Display of pins in the picture

You can display the pins with pin numbers or as thumbnails.

3. View of pins in the image

You can show and hide any number of pins.

Pins & Comments
You have a free choice!

docma PIX - Planzuordnung - Nummerierung
docma PIX - Planzuordnung - Miniatur & Kommentare
  1. Show pin number
  2. Show thumbnails
  3. Insert comments
Show pin number

You can also display the pins in a numbered view under the same `Pin Numbers’.

Show thumbnails

You can have the pins set displayed as a preview image.

Insert comments

You can select your desired field and drag and drop it into the image; and then you can label it and select the appropriate font size and font colour.

Our practical tip
Supply images with geo coordinates

Did you know that you can export images with stored geo data easily from Google Earth? Anyone still wanting to know in three years’ time where those pictures were taken, can add the coordinates of the exact location to each image. Images have a metadata field, which, among other things, provides space for information about the photo itself. This might consist of the longitude and latitude or the altitude of the photo.

So you would always know exactly when and especially where the picture was taken.