Smooth data exchange
through efficient interfaces. For your digital transformation.

The mydocma APP BUILDER is a team player in the system landscape and ensures unhindered data flow thanks to its numerous import and export interfaces. Whether you need recipient, product or material lists, the required information sources are easily connected to save users having to make duplicate entries.

The output is just as straightforward: logs of completed orders can be easily forwarded to others in the most common file formats. Thanks to the effortless transfer, the error rate is zero and a very high data quality is guaranteed.

What is being imported?

  • Defects from docma MM
  • Construction day reports from docma REPORT
  • Images from docma PIX
  • Text files
  • Excel data
  • Information from databases
  • Data from the web

What is exported?

  • Logs in the standard formats of Word, Excel and PDF
  • Image data
  • Construction day data
  • Defect data
  • Information for databases, text programs and intranet