Individual business forms from a modular system
Creating apps single-handedly. For greater productivity.

The mydocma APP BUILDER follows the motto: Simple configuration instead of complicated programming! With our user-friendly modular system kit, users can easily transfer forms of all kinds to mobile applications.

Different types of questions and answers, digital signature, photo, plan and geolocation, date and time stamps, etc. – thanks to the multitude of predefined elements, an individual app in a company’s own design is assembled in just a few clicks and is all set for productive use. The configured work templates can be viewed at any time via a live preview, so that you can quickly readjust them if necessary.

5 good reasons for the app modular kit

  1. Step-by-step procedure: The beginner-friendly modular system is self-explanatory and provides users with a solid basic framework which helps them to create apps in a structured manner.
  2. Utilisation of internal resources: With the prefabricated building blocks, employees from all departments are able to transfer the forms they are familiar with to apps. The active involvement of users in the digitization process creates identification and motivation and relieves the burden on in-house IT departments.
  3. One-to-one implementation: The mydocma APP BUILDER works according to the principle: What you see is what you get. The configured apps are available in real time and can be tested free of charge or go live immediately.
  4. Time is money: No time-consuming briefings, coordination meetings and correction loops with programmers and agencies – from the original idea to the finished product, users save a lot of time and therefore costs thanks to the do-it-yourself principle.
  5. Competitive advantage: Flexible modular apps speed up the mobile transformation of form management. The tailor-made business solutions result in improved process quality and thus to an enhanced market position.