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You, as a builder or project developer would like to ...

  • ensure that your building is successful throughout all phases
  • Create transparency and safety in the planning process
  • reduce risks in the project procedure and ensure transparent documentation


What’s more, you want to do this whilst projects are getting more complicated and pressure to meet deadlines and costs are increasing?

We have the ideal solution for you.

We will be pleased to help you confront this challenge efficiently. With our proven modular enterprise standard. This can be configured flexibly and interacts well with other systems. The Ideal solution for mapping all of your business processes. Not just for individual projects.

Give us your business and lay the foundation stone for your successful projects right from the start. For more pleasure in construction.

Four digital assistants for your business

Our solutions don’t just supply the requisite transparency and security during the project planning process, they also optimize the execution process. And at the end of the project, you will receive a complete archive, so that you can use your project data again in the future. The ability to trace back and analyse past processes not only pays off when it comes to facility management, but also for planning conversions or extensions.

Defects Management - docma MM+

With docma MM, our defects management software, you can take the first step towards a strategic defects management system designed to promote quality improvements in a sustainable way.

To docma MM – the leading defects management application

Construction Documentation - docma REPORT+

docma REPORT, our construction documentation system, not only offers the capacity to write reports quickly and comfortably, it also has the status of a piece of construction controlling software.

To docma REPORT – professional construction documentation

Image Management - docma PIX+

As an ideal complement to digital construction documentation, you can always obtain an overview of all of your images with docma PIX, our image management application.

About docma PIX – efficient image management

Document Management - DocuWare+

You have the greatest influence over the costs and goals of a project during the planning phase. With a project (d)ream from DocuWare, you can create the necessary transparency and security during the planning process. This minimizes the risks and any associated additional costs. 

From plan and document distribution to digital plan checking in the approval process to the connection of repro service providers. DocuWare gives you everything you need to carry out punctual, transparent project handling.

About DocuWare – the leading document management software

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