Cookie Policy

Dear visitor,

the edr software website uses cookies and similar technologies (e.g. server log files). This serves on the one hand the basic functionality and on the other hand the optimization of our internet presence. In this context, personal data such as your IP address is processed and also shared with third-party providers (e.g. for visitor analysis).
You can consent to the data processing, reject it or only give conditional permission via the individual privacy settings. You have the right to change or revoke your consents at any time. Consent is not required for the essential cookies/services, as they are mandatory for the operation of the website.

Our cookies/services belong to the following three category:

  • Essential services are required for the basic functionality of the website. They contain only technically necessary services. These services cannot be objected to.
  • Functional services are necessary to provide features beyond the essential functionality of the website, such as prettier fonts, video playback, or interactive Web 2.0 features. Content from video and social media platforms, for example, is blocked by default and can be consented to. If the service is consented, this content is automatically loaded without further manual consent.
  • Statistics services are required to collect pseudonymized data about visitors to the website. The data allows us to better understand the visitors and optimize the website.

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