docma PIX

Progress via Image Management

Digital, not analogue

Efficient image management

Powerful. Easy. Mobile.

Our image management module knows what makes your images really valuable. Problem-free location of images at any time, in any place, for every project stakeholder – this is what docma PIX is there for.

Due to the use of digital cameras, more and more images are accumulating in today’s projects. Simple storage on file servers is not much help when it comes to keeping track.

With docma PIX, which is an ideal supplement to our docma MM and docma REPORT modules, time-consuming searches are a thing of the past. With our intuitive module, photos can easily the provided with keywords, so-called “tags”, and can therefore be found very quickly by all project participants. In addition to tagging, docma PIX also allows you to associate images with plans or other images. Through the export of images or the production of image-based reports, image documentation can finally be passed on and is available to all project participants.

The flood of images brought under control

The file server has served its purpose

  • Take pictures with our mobile app
  • Index those pictures with tags on-site
  • Upload your pictures to our cloud solution
  • Add more tags in the cloud solution
  • Simply drag and drop tags from the structure tree
  • Including project management and permissions structure

Your benefits with docma PIX

Save Time

with fast image indexing, simplified searching and fast synchronization.

Optimum networking

into existing corporate systems as well as external systems.

Increased security

by setting individual access rights flexibly.

Work effectively

Thanks to the immediate display of images Images, 360-degree images and plans can be imported very quickly into docma PIX.

For everyone

thanks to easy integration of different groups of people. For joint creation of comprehensive daily construction reports.

Positive side effects

  • Optimized communications flow between the participants
  • More time for more important tasks
  • less stress, less cost

docma PIX 7.3.

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