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mydocma building software platform - Efficient workspace for your construction projects

Countless construction processes – one digital control centre

All the threads come together on our integrative mydocma building software platform: It provides everything you need for productive and goal-orientated processing of construction projects. Many efficient construction solutions from a single source, combinable as required – developed jointly with customers for customers. And all the resources required, such as project and master data from external systems, which are easily integrated via our flexible mydocma SHARE interface management. A massive time-saver: no more duplicate entries and smooth workflows across all system boundaries.

Our building software adapts to your processes – not the other way round!

Benefit from a digital ecosystem with many synergy effects, a system that can be configured precisely to your individual needs and fits perfectly into your existing IT landscape. Rely on uniform standards & business processes and work seamlessly with your project partners! Via mobile devices – directly from the construction site.

Customised software package

Rent or buy a project or company licence, basic to XXL scaling – we put together the ideal service package for you! Always included: subcontractor integration, image management & mobile capture. Web application, desktop solution, app – you can use our digital products in different ways.

To our software products

Our building software modules work together in perfect harmony
Combined productively. Configured individually. Networked optimally. Integrated super-efficiently.

mydocma Dokumentation
mydocma Sauberkeit, Sicherheit und Ordnung
  1. Your digital toolbox
  2. Construction software platform with modules that can be combined as needed
  3. Manage defects - Accelerate processes
  4. Documenting the construction process – Minimising risks
  5. Organize your images – Save time
  6. Process forms on the go - Increase quality
  7. Generate fire protection files - Simplify your documentation
  8. Notify complaints - Increase customer satisfaction
  9. Link systems together - Create integration
  10. Record inventory documentation - Maintain your information pool
  11. Report disruptive factors - Ensure cleanliness & order
  12. Manage documents– Secure your advantage
Your digital toolbox

Ensure process optimisation with our proven standard solutions. We offer modules for the following areas: Defects management – Construction documentation – Image management – Forms management – Fire protection documentation – Cleanliness & order – Documentation – Complaints in the real estate sector – Interface management & document management

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Construction software platform with modules that can be combined as needed

Our construction applications are accessed centrally via the mydocma platform & managed with the respective users and projects. Users benefit from the quick entry via the module or project level, from the simple project configuration, from the clear rights and role system, from the possible integration of external applications and the automatic master data comparison between the solutions.

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Manage defects - Accelerate processes

mydocma MM covers all phases of defects management in conjunction with all project participants and then ensures greater quality by applying different levels of standardisation. It lays the foundation for perfect warranty documentation and is a first step towards strategic construction defects management.

Defects Management – mydocma MM

Documenting the construction process – Minimising risks

Baubuch mydocma REPORT provides really useful reports on daily data, activities, personnel, material, equipment, incidents and images. Users benefit from target/actual comparisons based on schedules, evaluation variants for construction process disruptions, personnel hydrographs & statistics for project management.

Building Documentation – mydocma REPORT

Organize your images – Save time

mydocma PIX is the ideal complement to our construction documentation. With the help of this photo management software, teams can quickly store, research, archive, comment on and share project images, access them from anywhere and at any time, generate image reports, and much more.

Image management mydocma PIX

Process forms on the go - Increase quality

With mydocma APP BUILDER, forms such as checklists, inspections, handover protocols, etc. are created, distributed, completed, organised and statistically evaluated on one platform.

mydocma APP BUILDER Forms Manager

Generate fire protection files - Simplify your documentation

Using mydocma BS Fire Protection Documentation, you can document organisational, structural and technical fire protection measures properly and process any corresponding defects.

Fire Protection Documentation mydocma BS

Notify complaints - Increase customer satisfaction

Our living app mydocma Li enables time-saving & efficient processing of complaints in the residential and commercial sector. To open the app and identify the housing unit concerned, including the room structure, the user only needs to scan in a QR code. All complaint entries made via the mobile screen appear directly in the customer’s system (owners, builders, property managers, etc.) and, in this way, can be rapidly processed further.

Complaints App mydcoma Li

Link systems together - Create integration

mydocma SHARE automatically synchronises company data from internal & external systems

Interface management  mydocma SHARE

Record inventory documentation - Maintain your information pool

The DK documentation module is used to record the status quo of buildings & technical installations in an evidential manner – a valuable resource for project management activities.

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Report disruptive factors - Ensure cleanliness & order

With our SO software, disruptive factors relating to cleanliness & order are documented on construction and assembly sites, as well as in material warehouses and appropriate elimination measures can be initiated.

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Manage documents– Secure your advantage

The DMS system DocuWare serves as a digital construction file. It archives correspondence with project participants, coordinates recurring processes via definable workflows (e.g. invoice verification) & includes, among other things, e-mail and plan management.

Document Management DocuWare

We have the IT and construction gene! What does our DNA consist of?


The result of over 20 years of expertise in construction IT & close contact with users/management/digitisation personnel of companies of all sizes are: mature software products & services. With our knowledge and wealth of experience, we provide advice and support to anyone responsible for digitisation strategies.

The mydocma Platform

The mydocma platform combines & connects our building software modules efficiently, e.g. for defects, daily construction reports, pictures, checklists, etc.. The central workspace is based on the concept: A Single Source of Truth. It is a reliable source of information for users/user rights, project (master) data, plans, structures, BIM models, and much more.


With intelligent interface technology, we integrate all of the required resources from external systems (such as ERP systems), e.g. address and contract data.


Whether you are a construction company, architect, engineer or a builder – our software adapts to every industry and user profile, including management, admin, processing personnel.


On all levels: Intuitive usability, bundled administration, consistent automation, uniform design and software architecture, and much more.


Web Clients, Progressive Web Apps, BIM, Shared Data Environment – we proactively implement technical trends & digitise using a holistic approach.

One for all - all for one! Our team solution is for:

Building contractors+

Main contractor, general contractor, total contractor, consortium, etc. – no matter the capacity in which form you are entrusted with construction projects, with our software you can always keep track of your construction projects, thanks to complete & legally compliant documentation. You remain well informed about all processes and can provide your clients with professional information at any time. The facility for simple subcontractor management makes it easier for you to cooperate with various trades. Communicate, coordinate & follow-up tasks – Minimal administration required! Make your everyday work more productive: with process-related construction workflow documentation, transparent presentation of all defect management processes, as well as fast processing, distribution and archiving of important forms, documents, plans and image files.

Building contractors

Builders & Developers+

As a private or public client, project developer, housing association, etc., you create more quality, transparency & topicality with our uniform standard solutions, which ensures the success of your construction projects throughout all phases. Complete documentation allows you to identify bottlenecks in good time – minimising time, costs & risks. Optimise the execution process with professional construction documentation, defect and image management, checklists and document management, etc. And reduce complexity by coupling our solutions with your internal software or the systems of your implementing partners. For less friction & faster decision-making.

Builders & Developers

Engineers & Architects+

Ensure smooth progress throughout all project phases and keep track of execution quality with our construction software. Construction process documentation, defects and deviation management, cross-system exchange of construction plans, correspondence, technical documents, etc. – plan, control and monitor your construction projects super-efficiently through direct networking with the responsible offices. Given the problem-free linkage with external systems, you can provide your clients with targeted information.

Engineers & Architects

Facility Management+

Whether for maintenance, renovation, conversion, acceptance, operation or servicing of real estate properties as well as technical installations – our digital documentation tools provide you with complete basic information for all necessary measures and cost calculations. You also ensure long-term, chronological and legally compliant traceability. Mobile data recording, real-time communication with project partners, owner/tenant connection, reports, histories, statistics, task, deadline and notification management … – they increase efficiency in the planning and execution of all FM processes.

Expert +

If you are an expert, assessor, auditor or consultant, our software gives you a valuable source of information and also provides watertight evidence of compliance with legal and insurance requirements. Documentation of fire protection, property inventory, general problems with cleanliness and tidiness…  – Streamline your work process with structured queries and network with project participants. You benefit from more efficiency via: mobile recording of current status, useful reports, rapid task allocation and monitoring, helpful statistics, proven document templates, a deadline system, and much more.

Building Trades & Industry+

Engineering, logistics, crafts, energy, traffic, transport, etc. – our flexible software applications are also of great benefit to construction-related and non-construction-related sectors. Thanks to flexible configuration, input masks can be adapted to suit your industry segment. Our digital solutions ensure structured, coordinated, unified and networked business processes in terms of managing defects/deviations, images, checklists/forms, documents and documentation.

mydocma building software - plus points for your daily business
An all-in-one platform instead of isolated solutions: Gain more time for your core business!

Create seamless documentation easily.

Quickly coordinate, communicate & control.

Create better deadline compliance by setting clear dates.

Enjoy a professional look with transparency & standard documents.

Launch individual workflows at the touch of a button.

Perfect teamwork with a rights and a roles system.

Time/place-independent mobile working – real-time updates!

Make decisions based on well-founded reports.

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With edr software, we have comprehensive digital options that can be excellently adapted to our projects and documentation needs. Easy to use, clear in evaluation, they form the cornerstone for use on site - and that knows how to please!

Ed. Züblin AG

Susanne Baumann, project manager

With edr software, we have a business partner at our side that convinces us both with its IT expertise and its understanding of construction processes. The user-friendly software products are technically and professionally sound.


Carsten Busse, member of the management board

The software solutions are clearly structured, many things are self-explanatory, they ensure a uniform procedure and guarantee transparent cooperation.


Andrea Ebertz, warranty assistance

edr software has emerged as a clear favourite for the digitalisation of our business processes because it offers several sophisticated software products from a single source. Since switching to their digital construction solutions, we have saved ourselves a lot of time and benefit from the consistently high quality.

HW Ingenieure GmbH

Florian Schneider, senior project manager

With mydocma REPORT, mydocma PIX and mydocma MM we have three powerful modules from edr software in use. We are excited about how effectively the modules interact with each other and how efficiently we can work thanks to the modules.

BauManagement Oswald

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