For the love of building.

You, as a general contractor and construction service provider, would like to ...

  • Keep the build quality of your projects at a constantly high level
  • Create your building documentation easily and evaluate it with relation to the procedure in question.
  • Process your customer’s complaints efficiently and transparently.
  • Keep a digital building file which includes e-mails
  • Create transparency and a current atmosphere for customers and subcontractors
  • Offer new employees an attractive and modern workplace


Don’t the project platforms of your customer help to do this?

As the prime contractor, you are mostly required to operate the project rooms of your customer Often, however, these are not adequate for your own requirements. Your own proven processes and structures can get left behind.

As a general contractor, you need to manage not just the contractual relationship with your customer but also many further contractual relationships with the companies that implement your services. In addition, the use of platforms stipulated by the customer makes it difficult for you to build an integrated system of your own that would be tailored perfectly to your requirements.

We have the ideal solution for you

We will be pleased to help you confront this challenge efficiently. With our proven modular enterprise standard. This can be configured flexibly and interacts well with other systems. The Ideal solution for mapping your building processes and meeting your obligations to your customers. Not just for individual projects.

For optimised company processes For more pleasure in construction. 


Four digital assistants for your business

Our solutions not only ensure complete process-related construction process documentation and the transparent presentation of all defects management processes, they also provide you with the precise data and reports needed for successful controlling.

Defects Management - docma MM+

docma MM stands for more than 15 years of experience in defects management. Due to its flexible configuration, docma MM also permits further usage scenarios as/in:

  • Digital fire protection file
  • Quality assurance
  • Task management
  • RFI (Request for Information)
  • Creation of inventories

To docma MM – the leading defects management application

Construction Documentation - docma Report+

With our construction documentation application, docma REPORT, you can create daily construction reports quickly and easily. Virtually at the same time, documentation of the actual state of the construction process is created, which can then be analysed. Customer-requested target-actual date comparisons can be generated directly from the software.

To docma REPORT – professional construction documentation

Image Management - docma PIX+

Image documentation is only useful if the images created for documentation purposes can be retrieved immediately.

As an ideal complement to digital construction documentation, docma PIX allows you to create perfect digital image documentation.

Pre-planned assignment and geo-localization included.

About docma PIX – efficient image management

Document Management - DocuWare+

With DocuWare you have a complete document management system that maps internal processes, such as the invoice run, perfectly. With a digital construction file, you will be able to record all project document traffic with customers, subcontractors and planners. On request, you can have the ability to transfer documents to your customer’s project room automatically.

About DocuWare – the leading document management

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