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You, as an architect and engineer, would like to…

  • Keep a constant eye on the course of the project and all the risks
  • Ensure that your building documentation remains seamless
  • Keep a constant eye on new planning data and correspondence regarding the project – so that you can, among other things, take care of non-proprietary systems for the building contractor.
  • Ensure proper exchange of documents and plans throughout all project phases with all those involved in the project.


Even when the projects are getting more and more complex all the time.

We have the ideal solution for you

We will be pleased to help you confront this challenge efficiently. With our proven modular enterprise standard. This can be configured flexibly and interacts well with other systems. The Ideal solution for mapping all of your business processes. Not just for individual projects.

Plan, control and monitor projects successfully. For more joy in planning. 


Four digital assistants for your business

With our solutions, you have a constant overview of the progress of your project and can retrieve the current performance status at any time in the scheduling software. This minimizes risks right from the start.

Defects Management - docma MM+

With docma MM, our defects management software, you can take the first step towards a strategic defects management system designed to promote quality improvements in a sustainable way.

To docma MM – the leading defects management application

Construction Documentation - docma REPORT+

docma REPORT, our construction documentation system, not only offers the capacity to write reports quickly and comfortably, it also has the status of a construction controlling software.

To docma REPORT – professional construction documentation

Image Management - docma PIX+

As an ideal complement to digital construction documentation, you can always obtain an overview of all of your images with docma PIX, our image management application.

About docma PIX – efficient image management

Document Management - DocuWare+

With DocuWare, you always have an overview of new plan data and the resulting project exchange of written communications. DocuWare gives you clear, structured administration of all the information required.

Communicating exclusively by e-mail is so yesterday. With DocuWare, you can ensure the smooth exchange of data, thereby creating transparency and up-to-the-minute information for all project participants. In all project phases. As a planner or project office, you can use DocuWare either as an internal solution or as a project space – with different access permissions for each project participant. The use of DocuWare means minimal risk for you and maximum functionality.

About DocuWare – the leading document management

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