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Progress through defects management

Digital, not analogue

The leading defect management

Company-wide. Transparent. Mobile.

Defect management in construction projects means more than just listing open points in Excel or a project space. To ensure efficient tracking of defects, it is crucial that construction processes are mapped exactly and project participants integrated.

Our software solution covers all phases of defect management and ensures a sustainable improvement in quality by way of standardisations: from mobile recording of defects, to the creation of defect notifications in accordance with VOB (German Construction Contract Procedures) to the rapid notification of repaired construction damage via QR code/link and inspection during acceptance.

With mydocma MM, you lay the foundation for perfect documentation in the warranty process and you are taking the first step towards implementing strategic construction defects management.


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Why is good defects management so important?

Often, construction projects are complex, because they feature:

  • A large number of stakeholders: e.g. the executing company, the general contractor, the construction supervision, the certifying expert and the owner
  • A large number of interfaces
  • A large amount of data, such as correspondence, photos, plans and notes!


Under the VOB / B, the customer has a legal entitlement to:

  • A defect-free edifice
  • The elimination of defects within a reasonable period of time
  • A warranty


There is always an element of risk, however, as a result of:

  • Disruption/failure of the construction process
  • Failure to meet deadlines
  • Costs (deductions)
  • Breakdown of the relationship with the general contractor.

Our recipe for success

Listening and solving complex problems

Are you looking for a uniform corporate solution?

But every project is different, right?


This seeming contradiction can be solved, using mydocma MM, our defects management software, in a uniquely flexible configuration:

  • General Configuration: Company standard for all projects
  • Project configuration: project-specific definitions directly in the project


Your benefit: Create corporate standards & obtain individualised control over projects

  • Tried and tested
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Perfect integration / open interfaces

Evaluate across projects

Create powerful construction reports

With our defects management system, you can evaluate all of your projects in no time, e.g. based on the number of apparent defects.

You define the criteria to use for your analysis. No customization by us is needed for this purpose.

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Your benefits with mydocma MM

Increased protection against financial losses

by means of your proven correspondence & deadline tracking.

Proven & flexible customization

to your field-proven defects management processes.

At all times and in all places

due to the ability to record defects on a mobile basis at their place of origin. Right on the construction site.

For everyone

through cooperation with general contractors, customers and executing companies, all on a single platform with corresponding user rights.

Increase efficiency & more

Through transparent and fast defects management
and the ability to launch a strategic defects management system.

More transparency

for the warranty phase. Start the execution phase and rely on existing experience when it comes to warranty processes.

More integration

into existing corporate systems as well as external systems.

Positive side effects

  • Optimized communications flow between the participants
  • Uniform approach by all stakeholders
  • Company-wide analyses
  • Professional appearance to business partners
  • Modern tools of work for your team

Defects are not a game. But the digitization of your construction processes is child’s play.

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