Competent tenant and owner support after handover of keys
Increase customer satisfaction with streamlined complaints processing!

As a builder, property manager, warranty manager, etc., do you want easy defects handling after property handover? And give your tenants/owners first-rate service on the top? With our complaints app mydocma Li, you can benefit from time-saving, efficient complaints processing in the residential and commercial sector, as raised by users in the uncomplicated reporting option.

This is how our simple, mydocma Li complaints app works:

To open the app and identify the relevant property unit, as well as the room structure stored, tenants/owners just need to scan in a QR code. Afterwards, the defect and all the necessary information can be recorded, using the mobile mask. Users are provided with selection lists (location, component), a photo function & a description field for quick, uniform, clear recording of the complaint.

Einfacher Abruf der Beanstandungs-App mydocma Li über per QR-Code-Scan
QR code on fuse box: To call up and use the mydocma Li complaint app, simply scan the code. The two-dimensional barcodes are generated in advance via the solution’s administrator interface.

Strong Duo: Complaints App & Defect Management Module

Record complaints on the move with mydocma Li – process defects quickly with mydocma MM 

All the information on the complaint entered via the input mask of the mydocma Li app appears directly in the mydocma MM defect management module, from where all the necessary steps for rectifying the defect, e.g. defect notification, clearance notification, scheduling, are initiated. Thanks to automated e-mail notification, document archive, process history, deadline and traffic light system, etc., the entire completion process is always transparent and traceable for everyone involved.

Further information on mydocma MM

Who benefits from the mydocma Li complaints app?




Building owners & developers

Building contractors

Property management

Tenancy administrations

Property managers

Real estate companies/agencies

Property Managers

Real estate developers

Warranty managers


Mobile complaints notifications & confirmation of receipt

Structured query for complaint
with drop-down lists & image integration

Acknowledgement of receipt
with clear summary

Good communication - the be-all and end-all of customer service!
Automatically generated email notifications & PDF attachments

E-Mail-Benachrichtigung zu Bearbeitungsschritten

E-mail messages for each processing step

E-Mail-Benachrichtigung zu Bearbeitungsschritten

Completion e-mail message

Benefits from the mydocma Li complaints app

Save Time

Automatic identification of the housing unit via QR code scan & assignment of tenant/owner data

Time independence

Ability to report complaints regardless of office hours and day of the week

Ease of operation

Fast, clear & substantiated reporting through mask, selection lists & object allocation

Image documentation

Photo integration (drag & drop, camera, gallery) as a basis for better assessability

Flat file

Process history & relevant documents can all be viewed in a central pool


Direct link with defects management mydocma MM for all processing steps


Automatic e-mail notifications on message receipt, processing steps, etc.


Complete recording of all data required for defects processing, secured by mandatory fields