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Whether for maintenance, renovation, conversion, acceptance, operation or servicing of real estate properties as well as technical installations – our digital documentation tools provide you with complete basic information for all necessary measures and cost calculations. You also ensure long-term, chronological and legally compliant traceability. Mobile data recording, real-time communication with project partners, owner/tenant connection, reports, histories, statistics, task, deadline and notification management … – they increase efficiency in the planning and execution of all FM processes.

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Defects Management

mydocma MM digitally maps all phases of defects management in conjunction with project participants and then ensures greater quality by applying different levels of standardisation.

Main functions
▪ Defects detection via app: photo, voice/position recognition
▪ Writing templates/form letters
▪ Free notification of defects (link/QR code)
▪ Acceptance/inspection (defects pools, filters, etc.)
▪ Reporting (reports/lists/statistics)

Relevant documents
▪ Defects notice period under the VOB
▪ Grace period letter
▪ Rejection letter
▪ Notification letter
▪ Detailed reports, etc.

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Complaints App

mydocma Li is used for time-saving reporting of complaints in the residential and commercial sector. It achieves this though direct data transmission to the project office.

Main functions

▪ Connection: Tenant/owner (QR code)
▪ Mobile recording of complaints
▪ Input mask: Photo, selection lists, text
▪ Document archive & transaction history
▪ automated data transfer (MM system)
▪ automated e-mail notifications

Relevant documents

▪ Input confirmation
▪ Feedback on complaints
▪ Feedback on processing steps
▪ Scheduling agreement
▪ Settlement letter

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Image Management

With mydocma PIX, teams can quickly store, research, comment on, archive and share project images regardless of location and time, and generate image reports.

Main functions

▪ Mobile tagging with multiple keywords
▪ Plan/GPS location
▪ Filtering/sorting/marking/grouping and commenting options
▪ Search via free text search/filter options
▪ Image reports, browser-based archive, export

Relevant reports
Report generator:
Various image reports in the company’s own design with changeable display types: thumbnail, detail, map and large view (different number of images per page)

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mydocma App Builder

Forms Manager

With the mydocma APP BUILDER, forms are created, distributed, filled out, managed statistically evaluated with just a few clicks – on one platform.

Main functions
▪ Form creation with a modular system
▪ Plan/geolocation, photo, digital signature, …
▪ Form distribution via link/QR code
▪ mobile form processing
▪ diverse import/export options
▪ Reporting: summaries and assessments

Relevant forms
▪Handover/pre-acceptance/return protocol
▪ Questionnaire for property registration/property valuation
▪ Registration/termination with electricity supplier
▪ Maintenance log, meter reading notification,…

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Fire Protection Documentation

In mydocma BS, you can document organisational, structural and technical fire protection measures properly and process corresponding defects.

Main functions
▪ Mobile recording incl. voice input
▪ Ticketing system for subcontractors
▪ Registration procedure via QR code/link
▪ standardised process chain via queries
▪ Deadlines: Scheduling & Resubmission
▪ Defect management and processing

Relevant documents
▪ Fire protection documentation
▪ Fire safety inspection report
▪ Plans with pictograms
▪ Document archive, e.g. risk analysis
▪ Statistical documentation

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The as-built documentation module DK is used for totally reliable recording of the actual condition of buildings/technical installations and is a valuable source for project planning.

Main functions
▪ mobile recording (word/image/location)
▪ location/room-specific document archive
▪ freely configurable processes
▪ Task distribution/supervision
▪ Stock histories
▪ customer-specific reports & statistics

Relevant documents
▪ Inspection records
▪ Measurement records
▪ Expert opinions
▪ Findings checks
▪ Pollutant assessments, etc.

Info on mydocma DK

DMS system

Document Management DocuWare manages project documents within a central pool. The construction file can be passed on without any problems (access rights, data transfer, etc.).

Main functions
▪ E-mail management with Outlook integration
▪ Filing of correspondence via Intelligent Indexing
▪ Document searches with full text search
▪ Plan management based on topical relevance
▪ definable workflows
▪ operational forms management

Relevant templates
▪ Jour Fixe records
▪ Orders (work clothing, construction equipment,…)
▪ Travel expense applications/business trip applications
▪ Foreign travel checklist
▪ Leave requests

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mydocma SHARE automatically synchronises company data from internal & external systems, eliminating time-consuming, error-prone duplicate entries.

Main functions
▪ Synchronisation of company data
▪ Data transfer (time-controlled/triggers)
▪ Acknowledgement of receipt after transmission
▪ Transfer of project information to BIM models
▪ Coupling: internal/external cloud/in-house systems, e.g. ERP, CRM, FM systems

Relevant data
▪ Address data
▪ Project data
▪ Contract data
▪ Status messages
▪ Defects reports, daily construction reports, etc.

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