The intuitive form manager
Modular. Efficient. Cross-sector.

On the road with a form, clipboard and pen? And surrounded in the office by mountains of paper and stacks of files? In the light of digitization, handling forms manually is cumbersome, prone to errors, expensive and time-consuming – in short, quite simply inefficient. Now you can make your trusted business processes much more productive by simply transferring the working templates you require into mobile applications.

Be these checklists, documentation, surveys, feedback forms, quality checks, etc. – thanks to mydocma AP, you can now create, distribute, fill out, manage and statistically evaluate digital orders with just a few clicks of your mouse. On a central platform – with no media gaps!

5 good reasons to opt for mydocma AP:

  1. Mobile office: Field sales force, home office, flexible working hours, etc. — tailor-made apps are the basis for efficient employees as they enable people to work anytime, anywhere.
  2. Digital process accelerator: In our all-in-one solution, the form apps are created, processed, distributed, managed and statistically evaluated in a structured manner on a central platform which helps to improve the workflow in your company.
  3. Cost-effective do-it-yourself principle: Thanks to the intuitive app configurator and the cheap leasing model, we are overcoming hurdles when it comes to investment and implementation.
  4. Universal application: mydocma AP optimizes form management in all industry sectors and company divisions.
  5. Digital transformation: With the simple modular system, digitization is no longer being driven forward solely by the IT department but by employees from all specialist departments.

How you stand to benefit from mydocma AP

Great savings

as a result of a fair leasing price instead of high development costs and fewer printouts and hard copies

Intuitive operation

in accordance with a simple modular principle — without the required programming knowledge

Time is saved

as manual data entries as well as lengthy approval processes with agencies, app stores, etc. are a thing of the past

Optimized workflow

as a result of the standardised procedure on a central form platform

Enhanced data quality

thanks to the integration of photos, digital signatures, blue print and geo location etc.

Anytime & anywhere

Available via all web browsers as well as end devices and can also be used offline

Always up-to-date

thanks to real-time processing, immediate change options and automatic updates

Greater integration

in proprietary and third-party systems due to the straightforward data import and export functions

High flexibility

thanks to the fact the app is tailored to individual customer requirements and test runs which can be executed at any time

Central functions:

  • Simple configurator
  • Structured management
  • Progressive web app
  • External Interfaces
  • Perfect for teams
  • Evaluation
  • Data security
  • Help

Would you like to streamline your form management with mydocma AP?
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