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Mobile quality control on the construction site with docma MM

Bonava in Germany is a subsidiary of the Swedish group Bonava AB. Founded in 2016 under the umbrella of the Swedish construction and real estate group NCC, Bonava creates new homes for large numbers of people every year. Operational since the 1930s, today the company is one of the leading project developers in residential construction in Northern Europe and Germany.

Bonava has 1,600 employees in Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, St. Petersburg, Estonia and Latvia. Sales in 2016 were € 1.43 billion. Bonava is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in Stockholm.

In Germany, Bonava combines the economic strength of a group with local expertise. Founded in 1964 as Fürstenwalde Industriebau, the company has been active in the German real estate market for more than 50 years. According to an annual market survey by the German analysis company bulwiengesa, Bonava is Germany’s most active project developer for residential real estate in the German metropolises for the fourth time in succession.

Bonava operates in Germany mainly in its home market of Berlin, in the growth regions of Hamburg, Rhine-Main, Rhine-Ruhr, Cologne / Bonn, Rhine-Neckar / Stuttgart, Saxony and along the Baltic Sea coast. As a builder and project developer, Bonava drives more than 150 residential construction projects every year. In 2016, the company sold 1,933 homes and apartments to owner-occupiers and investors in Germany. Its approximately 850 employees, headquartered in Fürstenwalde / Spree in Brandenburg and in regional offices, generated sales of 412.8 million euros.

Since 2014, Bonava has been documenting quality locally on site with the help of docma MM:

  • For each building project, first control priorities are defined and then these are documented locally on the construction site and worked through
  • Photo documentation of mandatory controls and optional controls are created
  • A quality control plan is created for each building project automatically
  • Defects are identified and corresponding measures are initiated systematically
  • Construction documentation is created in line with a MaBV list

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