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Progress through data networking
Digital instead of analogue

The universal interface management
Platform independent. Unique. Innovative.

Before companies decide in favour of specific software, they are inevitably confronted with the question: Do we buy an all-round solution for everything or choose a specialised application instead? The fact is that with tailor-made software, they run much more efficiently and productively – provided that the software is optimally integrated in the existing IT landscape.

mydocma SHARE eliminates the need for time-consuming and error-prone duplicate entries of existing data. Whether address, contract or project information… − our integration software regulates all data networking scenarios by automatically synchronizing both internal and external systems with each other, thus keeping them bang up-to-date.

We have the ideal solution!

With us there is no error-prone and time-consuming double data entry for you. Our universal interface management mydocma SHARE synchronizes all your company data internally and externally fully automatically.

You want to know how to do that?

Very simple. mydocma SHARE accesses the data and systems that are decisive for your processes in a read-only manner and transfers this data fully automatically according to schedule into the edr software cloud solution or your in-house solution. This eliminates the need for you to enter address data. With mydocma SHARE you can do even more, e.g:

  • Synchronize address data from your leading system with our solutions
    Transferring Documents from Your Document Management System (DMS)
  • Automatically store documents generated by edr software solutions fully indexed in your DMS
  • Synchronize two defect management systems with each other
  • Transfer daily construction reports directly to a DMS
  • Automatically transfer estimated costs of eliminating defects to your ERP solution
  • Automatically transfer consolidated data from our solutions to a dashboard
  • Transfer project information of the actual data to BIM models

Automatic data transfer
instead of laborious data acquisition

Much of the data and information you need for the successful handling of your business processes is already available in your system landscape. With mydocma SHARE you synchronize this information with our solutions. Time-controlled or via predefined triggers, depending on your requirements.

Two systems?
Informations from A to B

You and your business partner are already using defect management solutions and want to synchronize the systems instead of sending information by e-mail and transferring it manually? With mydocma SHARE:

  • synchronize in-house and cloud systems with each other
  • the language of the systems is “translated”.
  • you transfer, for example, defects, daily construction reports, pictures, documents, statuses, etc.
  • you will receive acknowledgements of receipt of the successful transmission

Your advantages with mydocma SHARE


mydocma SHARE compares your data in real time on request. No more delays because you have to wait for data to be entered.


mydocma SHARE ensures that you are informed when the job is done.


mydocma SHARE is a configurable interface. No individual programming, no black box!


mydocma SHARE keeps your data up to date.

Defect synchronization with mydocma SHARE.

It's that simple.

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