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DocuWare as plan management and docma MM

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The CITTI Group is an expansive national and international family business based in Kiel. In addition to six shopping centres in Northern Germany, including Flensburg, Kiel and Lübeck, with their own CITTI food specialty stores, its subsidiary, CHEFS CULINAR, as an industry leader in the wholesale delivery business, supplies customers in Germany and the surrounding countries with a diverse range of products.

The group also includes the global marine equipment supplier, HMS – Hanseatic Marine Services, with sites in Kiel, Hamburg and Singapore. Over 7000 employees in all business divisions make a decisive contribution to the group’s success every day.

When it comes to expanding and opening up new markets, this successful trading company relies on efficient processing supplied by docma MM – defects management and DocuWare as the plan management system. All planners and construction management participants work with a single database, thereby ensuring maximum transparency for CITTI and its partners.

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