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Individual solutions for secure investments

INDUSTRIA WOHNEN has been successfully operating as a housing company and real estate manager for over 60 years. As a subsidiary of Degussa Bank, together with the M.M. Warburg network, it engages in residential investments throughout Germany. With total assets of 180 million euros and over 115 employees, it offers its private and institutional clientele individual solutions for secure investments in high-growth locations. With a comprehensive package of portfolio, asset and property management services, INDUSTRIA WOHNEN sees itself as a full-service provider in this area. Today, it looks after over 18,700 apartments throughout Germany.

In its award-winning project, “Living Circle” – the successful conversion of what used to be the Thyssen Trade Center in Düsseldorf into a residential complex – for the first time, docma MM was used for defects management and docma SHARE for cross-system data transfer. As the portfolio manager was thoroughly convinced by the efficiency of our solutions, they are now being used in all new construction projects.

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