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Competitive Advantage with a Document Management System

DocuWare is one of the leading international providers of document management software. The company (founded in 1988) operates worldwide from Germering / Munich, New Windsor / New York and Wallingford / Connecticut and has subsidiaries in United Kingdom, Spain and France.

DocuWare solutions are available in over 70 countries and in 16 languages.  The number of installations exceeds 16,000 – well over 175,000 users work with DocuWare daily. Whether through the cloud or as an on-premise solution, DocuWare offers all the elements required for an efficient Enterprise Content Management system.

The software is categorized by the highest degree of security, maximum scalability, flexible integration and the use of futureproof technologies.

We have been DocuWare Gold Partner since 2014.


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iHaus AG
Warranty and Smart Home on the silver tablet

iHaus AG is one of the pioneers in the digital real estate industry and has developed a software solution for controlling and linking all Internet-enabled devices. It sees itself as a system integrator for Smart Home and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The roots of the company lie in Claus Heinemann Elektroanlagen GmbH, which constitutes the basis for the development of iHaus, with over twenty years of experience in the field of building control and network technology. With the smart home app of the same name, this software solutions specialist offers a platform that can be used to control network-enabled devices in-house and networked with each other without being affected by the manufacturer. In addition, iHaus provides interfaces for district administration, electro-mobility and energy management in order to meet the future requirements of digital real estate. It is an open, integrative and future-proof application, which is based on requirements and digital possibilities relating to new builds and renovation of housing estates, multi-family houses, serviced apartments and hotels.

With the cooperation between edr software and iHaus, developers can kill two birds with one stone: With the aid of a vendor- and system-independent platform, they can handle complaints with little effort and can provide their customers with the best possible service.


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The Rauscher Group
Planning, project management and interdisciplinary solutions worldwide

Know-how, experience, efficiency and completely flexible services for different requirements are the strengths of the Rauscher Group, which was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Munich.

The customers of the Rauscher Group make targeted use of the interdisciplinary wide variety of expertise in the construction industry as a value-added advantage in order to purchase exactly the right service for their requirements either as a bundle or individually.

The Rauscher Group is independent and therefore acts exclusively in the interests of its customers. The three companies of the group, Codema International GmbH, Flohrer Consulting Engineers GmbH and EDR GmbH, are all affiliated with each other under company law. They complement and reinforce their expertise and work either in step with each other or autonomously at national and international levels.

Emerging from EDR GmbH, edr software was a member of the Rauscher Group until 2015. Its development into an independent software house has been an objective pursued consistently since its foundation in 2002 and in 2016 resulted in a management buy-out. We continue to work closely together with the three companies of the Rauscher Group. Joint customers benefit from broad-based know-how in planning, construction processes and digitization.


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