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DocuWare and docma MM as a corporate solution

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DocuWare Inhouse, docma MM SaaS

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Süss Beratende Ingenieure is an engineering company specializing in technical building equipment with a focus on sophisticated hospital and industrial construction, operating nationally and internationally.

With more than 30 years’ experience on the market, the company can demonstrate its participation in projects involving a wide range of building types and construction tasks. It mainly serves the following areas:

  • Healthcare (50%)
  • Industry
  • Transport
  • Trade

The company has been a satisfied customer of edr software since 2011. Our defects management application docma MM has been used successfully on many projects since 2011 and in 2016 the company decided to migrate the digital construction notes in Lotus Notes, which was in use, to our document management system, DocuWare. Thanks to a well thought-out changeover concept and the involvement of all employees, a nearly seamless change was achieved.

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