Quick statements about the construction process
together with our adHoc analyses. For more control.

It is often necessary to come up with rapid answers to recurring questions as part of the daily sequence of construction operations or construction supervision. Typical examples are:

  • When was a particular company last on the site?
  • When was device X used on the construction site?
  • How many hours did company Y put in August?
  • On what days was the temperature below zero degrees?

With mydocma REPORT, you can answer these questions very rapidly, using the integrated evaluation module. Its reliable database is more or less built up alongside using day construction reports created on a daily basis. Use this valuable data for powerful analyses and as part of your ongoing improvement processes.

docma REPORT - Reporting - Auswertung Tagesdaten

Create the data you need
at the touch of a button.

With mydocma REPORT, our construction documentation software, you can access integrated standard analyses. The following topics are available:

  • Temperature data
  • Personnel use
  • Equipment use
  • Actual-to-target comparison construction sequence planning
  • Incidents

Analyses are available either as tables or as graphics

Analyse personnel use
Select total use or individual companies

Auswertung alle Firmen

Total hours of all companies

Display the total number of hours completed by all of the companies on your project. Graphics are created on-the-fly just through the recording of regular construction daily reports.

Work performed by individual companies

Simply select one or more companies in order to calculate the hours worked for them. The analysis is updated immediately.