Optimum construction documentation
with both main project and sub-projects. For added value that you can see.

Construction documentation is a central element the can be used either to assert justified claims or to defend against unjustified claims. This can only succeed if it is documented in advance, using integrated structures such as a project schedule. Our research into construction processes has demonstrated repeatedly that handwritten construction daily reports contain too few structures and that they lack items like spatial allocations or references to the project schedule. With our digital construction documentation, you can bring integrated structures into your building documentation with no extra effort being required.

Documentation of major projects
with both main project and sub-projects

Major construction projects are usually divided into smaller sections. These sections are often called lots or sub-projects. Our digital construction documentation enables you to incorporate this structure, which is derived from actual practice, into your documentation.

You define the structure and the particular individuals who will carry out documentation in any given section.

Many sub-projects
a clear main report

A single report enables both you and your client to obtain a view of all subprojects.

  • General data, such as weather, date and number appears once only
  • Sub-projects are listed in sequence
  • Sub-projects contain complete information (staff, activities, …)

Personnel use in the project
Is shown transparently

When you set up the reports you get to decide. For example, do you need an overview of the entire workforce, only broken down by sub-project? That’s no problem with our flexible report designer.

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