Mobile Construction Documentation: Web & Go
Web Client mydocma REPORT: Write in-depth daily construction reports on the spot.

With the mydocma REPORT web application, you can use any smartphone or tablet to record daily data, activities, personnel hours, material, equipment use, incidents and images directly on a construction site. The mobile construction documentation works independently of your operating system – simply via internet and browser.

Via the cloud, all data captured is stored securely and always onstream. The system is offline-capable, i.e. it automatically feeds in entries made as soon as there is network reception. With the mobile on-site recording of all data for the daily construction report or the construction diary, you reduce your follow-up work in the office or the construction site container to an absolute minimum.

Mobile construction documentation: Write daily construction reports in no time at all – systematically via different categories and individually configurable input fields.

Smart Documentation Directly on the Construction Site
Create mobile construction reports via web application - fast, easy & comprehensive.

Overview: Daily reports

Daily data







mydocma REPORT web solution - functions for mobile construction documentation

structured creation of construction reports via categories:

  • Daily data documentation: Working time, weather, temperature min./max., if applicable water levels, wind forces, etc.
  • Activity documentation: with schedule link; degree of completion, execution (yes, no, with deviations), contractual performance (yes/no), etc.
  • Staff documentation: Company, working hours, detailed hours recording (e.g. individual, groups of persons, by staff type), etc.
  • Material documentation: Material delivery, material delivery, delivery notes – delivery company, quantity, type, etc.
  • Unit documentation: Unit type, company, number, meter reading, hours of use, internal/directorate, etc.
  • Incident documentation: Category, description, incident, company, facts, contract performance (yes/no), etc.
  • Image documentation: Import via camera/shots, description, internal/direction, etc.
  • configurable input fields
  • Data transfer from previous reports
  • Schedule interface to MS Project® and Eleco Powerproject®
  • Generation of target/actual comparisons on the basis of schedules
  • Sign, revise, archive, print & delete daily construction reports
  • Selection options via drop-down buttons
  • Rights and role system
  • Calendar view (month/year) & process tree with colour code
  • Recording of hours on activities, operations & keys
  • Report preview
  • Project search function
  • Sum display of the data records
  • Language setting: German/English
  • automatic data storage, helpful navigation buttons, etc.

Advantages of mobile construction documentation with the Web Client mydocma REPORT


time/place-independent data access via web & browser: Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox


no execution of updates & always up-to-date data in the cloud


low time demands, resource-saving – no software installation & internal server load


applicable with any mobile device, high performance, easily navigable and scalable


Involvement of project stakeholders & link to project schedule


minimised liability risks & data in security-certified data centres