Automatically create correspondence
For the fastest defects management.

Digital transformation means more than just a one-time change. In fact, behind the concept, there is an ongoing process of change. Start your change to greater productivity with no risk using mydocma MM.

Despite apps and all of the digitisation, do you want to continue supplying the same quality of correspondence to your customers and business partners? The only question your business partners are going to ask themselves whenever they receive your messages is: How did they manage to do that so quickly?

You determine the frequency. From snail-mail using registered post to fully automatic data synchronization – no manual steps involved.

What type of correspondence are we talking about?
Everything you need, basically!

Automatically create form letters for multiple defects.

  • Complaints under the VOB / BGB
  • Grace period under the VOB
  • Acceptance reports
  • Open points lists
  • Threat of replacement
  • All further letters

Any further letters required for your defects management process can be configured and made downloadable for your team.

Perfect correspondence
with a high level of automation

With mydocma MM you can generate form letters in perfect quality. Exactly according to your CI. But, at the time of creating the letter, mydocma MM will take additional steps without any input needed from you:

  • Change of status, e.g. from recorded to displayed
  • Change of due date
  • Entry into processing history
  • Attachment of a pdf-document to the relevant defects
  • Movement of defects into the next workflow step
  • Transfer of letter to a document management system

From the image to the plan section.
All important information is included

mydocma MM adds all the important information to your defects letter:

  • Multiple images for each defect
  • Location within the project structure
  • Recipient data
  • Where required, the addresses of tenants or owners
  • Map Extract
  • Descriptive texts

From noting the defect on the go to writing a perfect letter. Including images and a plan location.

In under five minutes! As demonstrated live by our sales team!