Manage defects more efficiently
with a modern interface. For a greater overview.

Operational defects management can be achieved successfully provided, despite an increasing number of defects and open points, you always have an overview of the current situation. With the interface provided by our defects management software, you will soon feel at home.

All projects in sight - right at the start

Projects List

Here you will be able to find all of the projects you have access to. For quick access, use the PIN feature to highlight frequently used projects

Processes in View

In the right-hand area, you will immediately receive an overview of your project’s progress. All process steps are listed and the number of defects contained is indicated.

Seven good reasons in favour of the simple user interface featured in mydocma MM

  • System of traffic lights and deadlines for two independent contract views
  • Freely definable shortlists with headings via drag & drop
  • Structure tree -> map not only the corporate structure but the spatial structure as well
  • Easy navigation throughout the project by means of the structure tree
  • Quick access to filters with the filter bar showing above the defects list
  • Multiple groupings of list possible, e.g. by subcontractor and status
  • Simply select predefined layouts under the structure tree

Building our defects management system
Here you will soon feel at home.

Navigation & Functions

All functions with just one click!

Structure Tree

The complete company & project structure is shown here.

Defects list

Simply select defect images and layout sections!

Storable filters

Simple search & group function


Defects list at a glance