Manage documents more efficiently
with a modern interface. For more overview.

With a simple, modern user interface, DocuWare gives you access to all of your documents, which will have been stored securely. And this ensures fast and transparent processes – from capture to long-term archiving. All of your documents are available at any time, from any location and for any authorized person.

Modern user interface

  1. Basket
  2. Viewer

Temporary filing of documents. Using import or drag and drop, documents are drawn into the basket. They are not completely filed at this time, as they have not yet been tagged.


Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs can be edited from the program. The new version will be uploaded automatically, once it has been saved

Print: Documents can be printed from the viewer directly

Send e-mail: Documents can be added to a new e-mail in attachment form with just one click.