DocuWare - Dokumentenmanagement


Competitive Advantage with a Document Management System
Digital, not analogue

Complexity under control
with uniform structures. For more order.

Many companies still manage their information management using paper. Are you one of them? Would you rather save documents efficiently using digital processes?

With DocuWare, the leading document management system, structured digital filing of your documents is not just a breeze. It also saves precious time.

And creates transparency for all of your employees. Every employee will have access to the information they need at all times. No matter where they are.

Store documents digitally

Analogue is so last century

With printing+

you can create and print your documents as usual. In addition, you print everything using the DocuWare Printer function. The documents land in DocuWare immediately, while the self-learning Intelligent Indexing Service causes orderly filing to happen virtually by itself.

When scanning+

Simply place your documents in a scanner or digital copier as usual and then press Scan.

The rest is done for you by DocuWare:

  • Automatic assignment of appropriate index terms for orderly filing by the self-learning Intelligent Indexing Service
  • Fully automatic filing of many paper documents routinely recorded in the EDP system, using barcodes and the Autoindex add-on module

From file system+

With DocuWare, you can archive your files centrally in a well-organized manner, using the self-learning Intelligent Indexing Service.

Just drag and drop or use a special import folder on your PC. Intuitively via Windows Explorer.