Integrate 360 degree images
with just one click. For your all-round view.

Because you often know what will be important at the time of recording, you can use mydocma PIX to manage real 360 degree images. The advantage is obvious: The entire construction site is recorded in detail with a single photo and can be reconstructed retrospectively more easily. Detailed photos can be easily dragged and dropped into the 360 degree scene and can then be provided with a PIN number.

Aerial 360 Panorama of Auckland city with Auckland Port on right side and Auckland city in the background.

That is how to capture images today.
Keep track of things.

This is what a 360 degree photo looks like, saved as a regular JPG file. Without special software, this is typically the “processing” that you get.

And this is what it looks like in mydocma PIX
Drag the image and change perspective

In mydocma PIX you can use the same image as a real 360 degree environment. Just drag the image with the mouse to change your perspective. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out of the scene.

  • Change perspective by dragging with the mouse
  • Zoom in and zoom out using the mouse wheel
  • Drag and drop detailed photos into the scene
docma PIX - 360 Grad Bild

Our practical tip

For the best all-round view – the Samsung 360 Degree Gear Camera.

2 lenses with 15 megapixel resolution ensure you get a seamless all-round view.

Photo or video – with the 360 degree gear, it’s no problem either way.

Technical details:

+ Bluetooth

With a single click
Available to everyone

Also simply on-the-go.

  1. Step: Take a picture with a 360-degree camera.
  2. Step: Activate Bluetooth - Smartphone Camera or just upload from an SD card to a selected workplace folder.
  3. Step: From Gallery View in your Smartphone or folder - Upload the image to docma PIX.
  4. Step: Index images, place them as a 360-degree image and add pins.
  5. Step: Your 360-degree images are now available to all project participants.

Try it out...

View of the coast line with beaches of Paphos city. Cyprus

... and change your perspective!