High integration capability
through efficient interfaces. For your digital transformation.

With mydocma REPORT, you can access the mydocma PIX application directly. If you use mydocma REPORT and mydocma PIX in parallel, all images stored in the construction daily reports are automatically made available in mydocma PIX as well. These can then be additionally indexed there.

mydocma PIX & mydocma REPORT – a strong team!

If images have been imported to mydocma PIX via mydocma REPORT, the project is also included in the ‘Import Selection’. These images, which are also included in the daily construction reports, cannot be deleted from mydocma PIX like the other images. For images that originate from mydocma REPORT, titles and descriptions entered in mydocma REPORT are valid and can only be changed there. In mydocma PIX, they are then locked for editing.

Export & Import
of Excel files

Via the mydocma PIX import interface, it is possible to read in a tag tree structure completely or to supplement an existing structure tree. It is also possible to export the tree structure in xls format.