Manage images more efficiently
with a modern interface. For a clearer overview.

The modern and clear interface of mydocma REPORT enables you to work efficiently. All of your images are available at all times, from any location and for any authorized person.

Modern user interface
It couldn’t be any more transparent

Suchen & Indizieren Bereich in docma PIX
docma PIX - Einfache Oberfläche - Menüleiste
Anzeigebereich in docma PIX

1. Search & Index area

Here you enter data in the structure tree, which can then be filtered; e.g. room and project structure

2. Menu Bar

All functions at a glance.

3. Display Area

All images or filtered images are displayed here.

Flexible views
Large, Mini, Detail, Card

docma PIX - Einfache Oberfläche - Miniaturlayout
docma PIX - Kartenlayout
  1. Large-Screen Layout
  2. Miniature Layout
  3. Detailed Layout
  4. Map Layout
Large-Screen Layout

In Large-Screen Layout, the image is displayed in its original size and pins and comments can be placed in the image.

Miniature Layout

The Miniature Layout provides an overview of smaller thumbnails.

Detailed Layout

Detailed Layout provides a tabular overview of image properties.

Map Layout

Map Layout shows all of the images superimposed on a world map, and their geo-coordinates are saved.

Individueller Strukturbaum in docma PIX

Complexity under control by means of uniform structures
Create your own structure tree

The structure tree shows the company and project structure, together with features like individual construction sections or specifications.

  • Option to read in a tag structure tree completely or create one manually.
  • The structure tree can be expanded at any time.
  • Top-level elements can be complemented with as many sub-elements as you like.
  • All or part of the structure tree can exported to Excel.
  • The various elements can be renamed or deleted.

Many filter options
flexible & easy

This data selection capacity means that everything important is kept viewable at a glance

  • Just tick the adjacent box to activate the filter.
  • Behind the selected tag and the corresponding top element, the number of images in mydocma PIX with this tag is shown in brackets.
  • Active filters are shown above.
Filtermöglichkeiten in docma PIX