Progressive Web App (PWA) – the powerful app from the web
Mobile form management without having to take a detour via the app store.

The mydocma APP BUILDER is what is known as a Progressive Web App (PWA) – in short: the mobile-friendly version of a website.  Whether you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Safari – as a digital all-rounder, it can be easily run from any browser and on any device such as Windows, Android or iOS.

The promising app model offers a wide range of functions and follows the principle: mobile first. Service workers are at the heart of the application – they use the caching function of modern browsers to ensure that all data entered by the user is stored and automatically synchronised as soon as a web connection exists.

The marriage of a website and an app

The mydocma APP BUILDER is a Progressive Web App website and app in one:  When opened on a PC or notebook via the corresponding URL, it behaves like an ordinary web application.  If it is called up on a smartphone or tablet by clicking on the button on the screen, it appears like a conventional app.

In a nutshell:  Our Form Manager combines the strengths of mobile applications with the benefits of conventional websites.

Progressive Web App – der mydocma APP BUILDER verknüpft die Eigenschaften von Webseiten mit Merkmalen nativer Apps.

Advantages of the Progressive Web App over native apps

Programming and maintenance is less time-consuming and costly.

It is immediately available – there is no need to download or install it.

Loading and interaction times are significantly lower.

Automatic updates ensure that users are always working in the latest version.

The PWA adapts to the display size of the respective terminal device.

It can be found via search engines and can be linked to the web.