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HIC, which is headquartered in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe, was founded in 2010 by Dr.-Ing. Jörg Holzhäuser. For national and international projects, the engineering office provides engineering services in the field of geotechnics and tunnelling for builders, construction companies and insurance companies.

Innovative solutions are developed based on sound knowledge and years of experience. The team around Dr. Holzhäuser advises, plans, monitors, tests and evaluates. Frequently, interdisciplinary approaches are required, partly in international project teams.  Four civil engineers with experience in the planning and execution of projects in geotechnics and tunnelling, as well as additional technical personnel, form the HIC team. Solutions for complex construction projects are found jointly. The competence of the HIC team around Dr. Holzhäuser is attested to by excellent, high-quality results.

For 20 years, Dr Holzhäuser has been accomplishing demanding tasks in soil and rock mechanics as well as in special civil engineering with an emphasis on tunnelling and inner-city deep excavations. It occupies leading positions on national and international (major) projects; for example, as a geotechnical expert on behalf of the City of Cologne after the collapse of the Historical Archive, on the “Combi Solution” project in Karlsruhe as a geotechnical inspector on behalf of the Technical Inspectorate (TAB) and on the construction of a railway tunnel under Helsinki airport as a tunnelling expert in the development of safety concepts.

Dr. Holzhäuser has also been publicly appointed and sworn in by the IHK Karlsruhe as an expert in tunnelling, in particular mechanical processes and pipe jacking.

Since 2015, HIC has relied on DocuWare, the leading document management system.

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