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Karl Bachl GmbH & Co. KG, a family-run company, started operating in 1926 in Deching near Röhrnbach, initially as a brick production site in the Bavarian Forest. The economic upswing that took place after the Second World War meant that the company was able to expand its range of products and services in the construction sector significantly. In addition to insulation and plastics processing, which is a major business area, as well as the fields of building materials and elements, these days the construction sector, together with civil engineering, road construction, precast concrete production, energy efficient housing construction and turnkey industrial and commercial construction, is in the foreground. What used to be a small brickyard has now become a large group of companies with more than 1,800 employees in Germany and abroad. With private or public builders, with planners and municipalities, it supports projects right from an idea through to completion or turnkey handover.

As a member of “Umweltpakt Bayern“ the (“Bavarian Environmental Pact”), the company demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental protection on all of its construction projects. It contributes to the nature-friendly and sustainable design of habitats, yet without giving up forward-looking construction methods and techniques.

Bachl relies on the advantages of digitization and has therefore implemented a whole package of edr software solutions: With docma REPORT, docma MM and docma PIX, it benefits from accelerated and simplified processes, in construction documentation and also in defects and image management.

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