Intelligent software with a great application potential
mydocma MM can do a lot more than defect management.

Our successful defect management system mydcoma MM has been on the market since 2003. Due to its degree of maturity, it is of higherst rank in the construction and real estate industry. Thought-through functions, flexibel configuration options and open interfaces make this product a real all-rounder.

Based on the proven MM software architecture, we have launched various digital offshoots:

  • BS for well-founded fire protection documentation
  • SSO for dealing with topics related to security, cleanliness and order
  • DK for the inventory of buildings and technical systems
  • LI Living app for reporting and processing complaints in the real estate sector

Whether in terms of mobile recording, deadline tracking, letter generation, reporting, real-time communication with partners, etc. – our topic-specific products benefit significantly from the processing processes, functions and the clear rights and roles system of the original application that has already been tried and tested a thousand times in practice. Just like mydocma MM, the related modules can be used on- and offline – data recorded by the app is automatically fed into the server solution as soon as a network connection is established.

mydocma MM – powerful system for many areas of application



mydocma MM digitally displays all defect management processes, involving all project participants: defect recording via app, defect notification in accordance with VOB, notification of repaired construction damage, inspection during building acceptance & statistical surveys.

Target group

construction companies, general planners, builders, architects, engineers, construction supervisors, project developers, housing associations, project and construction managers, building authorities, building experts, etc.

Important functions

photo evidences • dictation function • location recognition • writing and serial letter generation • defect history • mapping of the organizational structure • plan integration with pin location • traffic light and deadline system • layouts/filters/defect pools as control instruments • reports/lists/statistics for reporting • batch processing • link/QR code to a digital mask for reporting repaired structural damages • report generator • e-mail notification • various filter, grouping, search options • diverse import and export options • definable status information, etc.


increased legal certainty • optimized teamwork on one platform with user rights • mobile defect recording directly on the construction site • higher quality through homogeneous procedure & transparency in the execution and warranty phase • easy integration into existing corporate systems as well as external systems • flexible adaptation to tried and tested defect management processes • more efficiency through rationalized & automated work steps • extensive reporting for process optimization • more professional external impact on business partners


With mydocma BS, it is a matter of a few clicks to properly document organizational, structural and system-related fire protection measures or to deal with the corresponding deficiencies.

Target group

fire protection officers, fire protection companies, specialist planners, architects, engineers, expert inspectors, fire protection technicians, general contractors, fire brigades, building authorities, etc.

Important functions

multimedia on-site recording via app • photo documentation • map location with fire protection icons • voice input • geolocation • statistical evaluations • integrated status selection • comment function • audit-proof archiving of fire protection-related documents (e.g. explosion protection document, risk assessment, etc.) • scheduling and resubmission • professional reports/protocols • numerous import and export options • ticketing system for subcontractors, etc.


well-founded proof of compliance with legal and insurance requirements • rationalized work steps through structured queries • optimal networking with all project participants & simultaneous work with all devices • more efficiency through consistent tracking of deadlines, faster clearance notification procedures & proven written templates • profound information database • always up-to-date fire protection files • compared to database solutions no transfer of content • helpful statistics for decision-makers


The inventory documentation module DK is used to record the actual condition of buildings and technical systems in a way that is reliable for evidence – it acts as a valuable source for project planning.

Target group

builders, facility managers, real estate developers, construction companies, plant operators, building experts, curators of monuments, site managers, architects, test engineers, authorities, etc.

Important fuctions

dictation function • photo documentation • map location with pin • location recognition • note processes • various search, filter, export & import functions • report generator • freely modelable processes, e.g. commissioning of technical findings reviews • location/room-related document archive classified according to topic, company, trade, editor, free text, etc. (e.g. inspection and measurement protocols, data sheets on built-in materials/technology, expert reports, risk analyzes, permits, etc.) • collective processing • schematic representation of the room structure • task distribution and monitoring in real time (e.g. expert reports, pollutant detection, etc.) • inventory history • comprehensive evaluations • version management, etc.


sagnificant savings effects (time, costs & personnel) • information basis for cost calculations and repair measures • universally applicable for planning, sampling, construction, acceptance, operation & maintenance of objects and technical systems • long-term, chronological & legally secure traceability • uniform procedure for data acquisition • fast access for all parties involved in the process to the entire data pool • provision of evidence regarding the status of the building and compliance with regulatory requirements/sustainability criteria, etc. • minimized liability risk • simple inventory


Our SSO software documents disruptive factors relating to cleanliness, safety and order at construction and assembly sites as well as in material stores and initiates appropriate elimination measures.

Target group

general contractors, turnkey construction, construction & warehouse logistics, specialists from occupational safety, health, fire and traffic protection, construction supervisors, craft businesses, building clearance service providers, waste coordinators, etc.

Important functions

mobile on-site recording of complaints via text and voice input, image documents & location recognition • digital requests for evacuation, securing, disposal, cleaning, etc. • applying for substitute performance (calculation of costs based on the quantity, time and material type information) • mapping of the entire organizational structure (building structure, integration of construction site equipment plans) • workflows with individually defined status information (e.g. to-do list "check completion", to-do list "to invoice", etc.) • deadline management with reminder function/e-mail notifications • import of trade and company data


time-saving property and construction site monitoring • fast on-site documentation and coordination without media discontinuities • reduction of disruptions in the construction process • minimization of accidents and costly downtimes • more professional external impact • reduced liability risk through meaningful verification • less search effort/costs • higher level of deadline reliability • legally compliant & rule-consistant fulfilment of documentation obligations according to the construction site ordinance/insurance requirements, etc. • valuable statistics for the targeted improvement of process quality • uncomplicated enforcement of the right to order


The Living App Li enables processing of complaints in the living area in a time-saving and efficient manner, thanks to direct communication between the owner, real estate user and the respective responsible company.

Target group

owners, tenants, facility management, property managers, real estate developers, warranty managers, caretakers, etc.

Important functions

starting the mobile app rapidly finding the residential unit via QR code scan • mapping of the entire room structure • mobile input mask with selection lists (location, component), photo documentation & description field • further processing via server solution (e.g. notification of defect, notification of repaired construction damage via link, etc.) • e-mail notifications (input confirmation, feedback on complaints/selected processing steps, etc.) • document archive • integrated status selection • scheduling


competent tenant support after handing over the keys • ability to report complaints independent of office hours and day of the week • lean complaint processing in real time • photo integration as a basis for valuation • improved appointment coordination with service partners & craftsmen • fast, clear & well-founded fault reports • electronic apartment file providing the transaction history & relevant documents • intuitive usability • simple claims settlement in the event of an insurance claim