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Strong in building construction, civil engineering and tunnel construction with docma MM

The Köster Group is Germany’s leading provider of construction, civil engineering and tunnel construction services. In addition to Köster GmbH, this includes wholly owned subsidiaries Baresel GmbH, Völkel + Heidingsfelder GmbH and wbp Ingenieure für Haustechnik GmbH.

The range of services extends from individual planning to turnkey construction. Close to the customer, holistic, innovative construction solutions are achieved through a network of 23 branches and 8 competence centres.

Founded in 1938 by Heinrich Köster, the company is owned by the Köster family. The headquarters of the group is located in Osnabrück.

Köster has implemented an evaluation of a company-wide and future-proof defects management system very professionally. Four systems were tested in productive operation, i.e. under real conditions in real projects. In the end, docma MM proved impressive, with its flexibility and cross-project configuration approach.

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