Work together optimally
with a platform for everyone. For more team spirit.

Today’s defects management process requires the cooperation of different project stakeholders with different interests. With our defects management software, you can reduce interfaces between stakeholders and you can obtain exactly the documents and information you need, based on your role in the project or business. This keeps everyone up to speed.

Transparent and safe
through a sophisticated role and rights system

By assigning “project roles”, multiple participants can work together on a single platform. Depending on the role, the software automatically controls what is visible and what can be edited.  The actions a user is permitted to take are also controlled by it. This makes collaboration both easy and transparent.

Six good reasons
for mydocma MM as a team player

  1. Integration of external parties such as building contractors, customers, surveyors etc. is possible.
  2. Everyone involved in the project gets exactly the information that they require
  3. Tried and tested roles system They determine who may see and close defects or who can create sample letters (complaints)
  4. Simple filtering of the defects by creator or processor
  5. Double numbering system which allows external numbers to be taken into account.
  6. All data and documents at a central location

Efficient exchange of information
across company boundaries

mydocma MM has established itself as a leading defects management solution. If one of your business partners already uses our defects management solution, you do not need to transfer information manually.

We have created a solution that can synchronize separate, independent systems automatically. Even if your business partner uses a different system, there are ways to automate data synchronization with mydocma MM.

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