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The success story of STRABAG AG began in 1923. Today, with its headquarters in Cologne, the company is part of the Austrian conglomerate, STRABAG SE, and in Germany functions as the parent company of the German STRABAG group companies. As the German market leader in transportation infrastructure, the company generates an annual output of over 2.5 billion euros in this business area. Every day, around 12,000 employees in the transport infrastructure construction sector work to provide first-class construction services that go far beyond classic road building. In this way, STRABAG AG focuses on the digitization of its work processes, while its different units map the entire value chain when engaged in the construction of infrastructure facilities: from digital planning to building materials extraction and production, from the construction of projects to maintenance and upkeep via its own road operations services.

Ed. Züblin AG, based in Stuttgart, employs around 14,000 people and, with an annual output of almost 4 billion euros, is one of the largest German construction companies. Since the company’s foundation in 1898, ZÜBLIN has been successfully implementing sophisticated construction projects in Germany and abroad and today, it is the leading brand for structural and civil engineering in the STRABAG Group. The company’s range of services includes all construction-relevant tasks – from engineering, bridge or tunnel construction through complex turnkey construction to construction logistics, wood engineering and public-private partnerships. ZÜBLIN attaches great importance to partnership-based collaboration and, with the ZÜBLIN team concept, it has been providing a partnering model that has proven its worth in the market for around 25 years now.

Well-known construction projects of STRABAG SE, which operates worldwide, include, for example, the new Axel Springer building in Berlin, MesseCity in Cologne and the Adidas World of Sports in Herzogenaurach.

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